>What is your product made of?

PET-FUN Toys are made of Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber is harvested in the form of the latex (the sticky, milky colloid liquid) by tapping into the tree and bringing the latex, often coagulated to a plant for processing. The latex is then strained, diluted with water, treated with acid, before rolling into sheets, drying and then shipped to make the various products.

Natural Rubber offers great safety attributes, and the chewing part of most baby dummies are made of Natural Rubber, too.

>Is your product eco-friendly?

Natural Rubber or tree-derived rubber is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Harvesting and using the product itself has less impact on the environment. The Rubber tree is a sustainable crop and helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.

Note: Do not confuse Natural Rubber with Synthetic Rubber, which is made using petrochemicals and has to go through a chemical process to form the rubber, and is not environmentally friendly.

>Why is it more durable than most?

PET-FUN Toys are formed from selected quality natural rubber raw material, and with leading proprietary natural rubber processing technology to improve its pulling and tearing strength. All our products are formed through one-time molding with multi-colour techniques, which means there is NO glue, NO paint, NO small parts, and the entire toy body is consistent in material strength.

All our toys go through intensive dog testing before releasing to market. Please do follow our guidance on size and chewing level when selecting toys.

Note: Being of natural rubber offers great safety and environmental attributes, but our toys do have its strength limit comparing to their counter parts made out of nylon.

>What size of toys shall I choose for my dog?

Please visit our product guidance page here.

>Do you donate to charities, rescues and fundraising events?

We are committed to dogs in need and would be happy to send a donation to your organization or fundraising event. Please send an email to and be sure to include the name, details of your charity or rescue, and shipping address of the organization.

>I would like to sell your toys in my store. Who shall I speak to?

We welcome businesses big or small joining us in selling our quality products to customers.

Please visit our Trade Page.

>Do you offer samples, discounts or coupons?

Yes. Please follow our facebook page on offers and giveaway activities.